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Can I Fight a Red Light Ticket Violation Caught by a Camera?

Red light camera looking over a city street.

The state of New York issues thousands of traffic citations each year in an effort to maintain order, to enforce existing law, and to keep the public safe. These tickets may be for everything from speeding, to failing to come to a complete stop at a stop sign or texting behind the wheel. The issuance of a traffic ticket can have a long-lasting effect on you, as it will often add points to your driving record and/or order you to pay a high fine. It can also cause your insurance premiums to increase, causing you financial problems over a period of time. Many times we may be confused as to what did wrong (thinking we totally stopped at that stop sign), but one of the most confusing types of citations is one for a red light violation that has been caught by a red light camera. 

How Do Red Light Cameras Work?

Red light cameras capture an image of the car and the license plate of any vehicle that runs the red lights to which they are attached. The ticket is then issued and a summons with the image taken is then sent to the address of the vehicle’s registered owner. 

These images make it very difficult to determine who was driving the vehicle at the time of the violation. Because of this, the summons is usually treated like a parking ticket and carries about a $50 fine. It is important not to ignore the ticket, as fines can compound or you may even face arrest. Those who fail to pay the fine and have violations that exceed $350 can have their vehicle towed and are subject to interest for late payment. 

The red light camera program has proven to be extremely effective when it comes to deterring drivers from running red lights. In fact, the average daily number of those receiving red light running violations has decreased by more than 75 percent.

Can You Fight This Ticket?

Sometimes individuals wish to challenge the ticket that has been issued for running a red light. It can prove extremely difficult to get a citation dismissed without clear proof of a solid defense, but it is in your best interest to consult with a knowledgeable and experienced traffic ticket attorney. An attorney may be able to help you get your ticket dismissed if any of the following can be proven:

  • The image taken by the camera is unclear
  • There was an issue with the functionality of the camera
  • You ran the red light in order to avoid an accident
  • There was a medical emergency

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