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suspended license can happen from too many tickets

Don’t let a license suspension interfere with your lifestyle as well as your livelihood. Driving is both a necessity and way of life for most people. Although one or two moving violations (e.g. speeding, failing to obey a traffic signal) may not result in a license suspension multiple moving violations within an 18-month period can cause a suspension. Also, serious offenses — driving under the influence or convictions for multiple traffic tickets — will jeopardize your driving privileges. If you are facing a license suspension, it takes a skilled traffic attorney to keep you on the road.

AutoTrafficTickets.com has extensive experience handling driver’s license suspension cases in throughout New York State. Well-versed in the applicable vehicle and traffic laws, we have a proven track record of successfully representing clients in criminal court as well as proceedings before the Department of Motor Vehicles.

License Suspensions and Revocations on Long Island

Through the years, we have frequently handled license suspension and revocation cases involving traffic violations such as:

  • Failure to respond to a traffic ticket
  • Street racing
  • Vehicular homicide, assault, or criminal negligence
  • Driving under the influence (DWI/DWAI)
  • BAC test refusal

The Department of Motor Vehicles enforces various types of license suspensions, including:

  • Indefinite suspensions — There is no predetermined end date to a suspension arising from infractions such as failing to respond to a court summons, pay a fine or file an accident report. You must take action to have your license reinstated after the end date of the suspension.
  • Definite suspensions — The DMV issues a suspension with a specific end date for offenses such as persistent traffic violator (accumulating 11 points within 18 months, 60-day suspension), moving violation during a probationary period (60-day suspension), driving while ability impaired by drugs (DWAI, 6-month suspension). Once the suspension period has passed, you must pay restoration fees to have your license reinstated.
  • Traffic Accident License Suspensions — If you are involved in a motor vehicle accident that results in property damage exceeding $1,000 you must file a vehicle accident report (Form MV-104) with the DMV within 10 days of accident. Failing to do so may lead to a license suspension, fines and mandatory surcharges must be paid to lift the suspension.

It is important to note that a driver who is convicted of a criminal offense may be subject to court-imposed reinstatement requirements in addition to those required by the DMV.

Other Reasons for Suspended License

There are other ways that you can lose your driving privileges in New York. If you drive without insurance, for example, your license may be suspended until you submit valid proof of insurance to the court. Failure to pay fines or DMV assessments can also cause a license suspension. Additionally, your driver’s license may be revoked for carrying too many points on your license (11 or more). Finally, you can also lose your driving privileges for reasons unrelated to driving (e.g. too many unpaid parking tickets, failing to respond to a DMV notice, failure to pay child support, etc.).

Out-of-State Ticket Suspensions

The Department of Motor Vehicles may also suspend your driver’s license if you fail to respond to a moving violation. Similarly, drivers who live outside of New York and fail to respond to a NYS traffic ticket will have their home state license suspended until the matter is resolved.

Contact Our Traffic Attorneys

If your license is about to be suspended in New York State, we can help. Our legal team will take the time to learn about the circumstances that lead to your notice of suspension and build the best line of defense for you. We will represent you, argue against any suspension, and pursue the restoration of your driving privileges.
Driving while your privileges to operate a motor vehicle have been suspended in New York is a crime.

It is imperative to clear up all suspensions on your license before you continue to drive. Subsequent charges for driving with a suspended license can increase the penalties and can result in jail time.

Our attorneys are fully knowledgeable with the New York State Vehicle and Traffic Laws and the Department of Motor Vehicles’ penalty system for drivers. We regularly correspond with the DMV Driver Improvement Unit and other departments within the DMV to help motorists restore their driving privileges in New York.

Our attorneys know that commercial drivers depend on their CDLs for their livelihood, and a license suspension could threaten their career. We have a well earned reputation for defending our clients against CDL violations, as well as violations that occur in the personal vehicles of CDL operators.
We know how to prevent your license from being suspended, as well as the step to restore your driving privileges. We will provide you with a complete assessment of your situation — if a license suspension is inevitable, we will explore whether you are eligible for a conditional license, or, in the alternative, work with you to have your license reinstated at the appropriate time.

Are you currently suspended? Are your driving privileges at stake?

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