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What Happens When You Fail to Yield to an Emergency Vehicle?

An emergency vehicle driving to the hospital.

It seems to be quite intuitive that we move out of the way for any emergency vehicles trying to pass us. If you fail to pull over and let the emergency vehicle move past you, you will receive a citation should law enforcement see you. As a result of your failure to comply with yielding for an emergency vehicle, you may face various consequences, such as receiving points on your driving record/license.

Should you see an emergency vehicle approaching you (whether from behind or from beside you) you must pull over to the right shoulder or side, if the road has no shoulder. You must then wait until the vehicle passes. Be aware that police cars often follow emergency vehicles and will see if you fail to yield. 

You Must Make a Good Faith Effort

Sometimes in areas of traffic congestion or roads without shoulders, it can be difficult to fully pull over. The most important thing in these situations is that you make an effort to do so. If a police officer finds that you have failed to yield it is because you have done one of the following things: 

  1. Failed to come to a complete stop
  2. Moved in front of or blocked the path of the emergency vehicle
  3. Failed to allow the emergency vehicle to safely pass

Turning on your hazard lights can serve as a sign to others that there is an oncoming emergency vehicle. 

Consequences of Failing to Yield to an Emergency Vehicle

Should you fail to yield to an emergency vehicle, you may receive a fine and a point on your driver’s record. Since points stay on your record for a few years, whenever you are pulled over during that period of time the points will be visible. You may also experience a significant increase in your insurance premiums for every point that you receive. 

You can fight the ticket by appearing in court and arguing your side. The issuing officer also has the responsibility to show up in court. To prepare for defending yourself, you should do your best to obtain helpful evidence from the location in which you were sited. This may include pictures or even a first-hand account written after the incident. It is best to write down exactly what happened as soon as possible in order to accurately recall what occurred. 

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