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Fake Sounding NY Traffic Violations That Are Actually Real

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There are a lot of laws to follow in the state of New York, including many traffic laws. Some of these laws are often so unheard of that many people believe that they are fake. Here are fake sounding New York traffic violations that you should know about because they are actually real. 

1) U-turn not to/from center (1160(e))

 Under this law, you should only make a U-turn from the point that is closest to the marked center line. However, it’s important to understand that this only applies to when you are at an intersection; you should never be making a U-turn from the middle of a block absent police officers directing you to do so. 

2) Speed not reasonable and prudent (1180(a)) 

We know that we must follow the speed limit when we drive. Speed limits are put in place to protect people as necessary according to many factors, such as road type, visibility on the road, common weather conditions, and volume of traffic. However, the speed limit isn’t the only thing that you must abide by. Under NY law an individual may not drive at a speed that is greater than what is reasonable. This means that sometimes what is reasonable may not coincide with the speed limit. For instance, if you get caught in a blizzard or massive thunderstorm, it may require you to go slower than you ordinarily would. 

3) Failure to stop at malfunction light (1117) 

If you haven’t already experienced a malfunctioning traffic light, you eventually will. When a traffic light is out or is not working properly (e.g. the green light and the red light are both on), you should always treat the light as a stop sign. However, it may help your case to note that a police officer chooses to write you a ticket rather than to help direct drivers left in a less-than-safe situation.

These are just a few less-known traffic violations. As you can see, there are traffic violations that you can be charged with that may seem ridiculous, but are valid. This is why it’s so important to consult with a qualified traffic attorney who can help you to have your charges reduced or even dropped altogether. 

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