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Can You Purchase Car Insurance with a Suspended New York License?

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If you have received multiple tickets for traffic violations, or are caught committing a very serious violation, you may have your license suspended. But what if you need to purchase car insurance? Can you still do so with a suspended New York license? Here’s what to know.

You Can Still Buy a Car with a Suspended License in NY

You may be surprised to learn that you don’t actually need a driver’s license to buy a car in New York. However, you obviously are not allowed to drive the vehicle even after purchasing it. Only someone with a valid driver’s license can do so. Put simply, you can buy a car for someone else to drive. 

Additionally, you can register a car with the New York DMV with a suspended license. While you don’t need a valid driver’s license, you need a New York ID and proof of insurance. This leads us to the main question once again: can you obtain car insurance with a suspended license? Unfortunately, this is often difficult – for understandable reasons. Individuals with suspended licenses are more likely to file insurance claims, which is why most insurance companies don’t want to risk it. In fact, if you have coverage already, some companies will revoke your coverage after learning that your license has been suspended. It can remain difficult to obtain insurance even after your suspension is over even though coverage is mandatory. 

 Options for Obtaining Auto Insurance

Since it is so difficult to obtain insurance after a license suspension, one option is to have a friend or family member who uses the vehicle to insure it under their name. That way there is coverage when you or they are driving. After your suspension has been lifted, you may be able to establish a joint policy. 

If you need to drive in order to get to school or work, you have the option of applying for a conditional license. This is essentially a license with restricted use. This is for individuals who have had their license suspended due to issues with drugs or alcohol. These drivers are required to attended an impaired driver program. If your suspension was not related to issues with drugs or alcohol, you can apply for a restricted use license. These licenses allow you to drive under specific conditions. If you are found to be driving outside of these conditions you can face license revocation and other very serious consequences. 

Insurance for High-Risk Drivers

With a conditional or restricted license, you are still required to have auto insurance coverage. This can be very difficult, with most insurers denying you coverage for deeming you a higher risk. Therefore, you may want to look for insurance companies that specialize in high-risk coverage. High-risk insurance companies offer policies especially for high-risk drivers. It’s important to note that these providers generally don’t offer as many add-ons to your policy as other standard providers do. You should also expect for your monthly premium to be higher.

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