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What You Need to Know About Cell Phone Ticketing in New York State

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In the digital era, distracted driving has become a significant threat to road safety. To combat this, New York has enacted strict laws to address the use of cell phones while driving. Understanding these laws and the consequences of being caught is paramount. If you or a loved one have received a cell phone ticket in New York, a favorable outcome is possible, especially with an experienced cell phone ticket attorney by your side.

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Cell Phone Ticket Laws and Enforcement

Police are on the lookout for drivers using their cell phones more than ever. They keep a watchful eye for drivers who are talking, texting, holding their phone in their hand, or even simply looking down and appearing distracted by something other than the road, while their vehicle is in motion. 

Not only are cell phone tickets more prevalent, but they’re also more serious than ever. Only a few years ago, tickets for cell phone use resulted in a simple fine. However, in recent years, New York laws have escalated the penalty of the offense, now costing an offender five points on their license. Cell phone use is a significant traffic offense that shouldn’t be treated lightly.

Understanding New York’s Vehicle and Traffic Law (VTL) landscape is essential for drivers seeking to avoid or combat an existing cell phone ticket. Two primary statutes govern cell phone tickets: VTL 1225(c), which targets drivers engaged in phone calls, and VTL 1225(d), which applies to cell phones, GPS, iPads, MP3 players, and cameras, and makes it illegal to do more than calling. This statute accounts for texting and more – essentially, holding the device while driving constitutes “use” under the law.

The Financial Implications of Cell Phone Tickets

Not only are five points on your license on the line, but a cell phone use ticket can have significant financial repercussions. Fines for these violations will cost you:

  • $50 – $150 for a first offense
  • $50 – $200 for a second offense within 18 months of the first
  • $50 – $400 for a subsequent offense in those 18 months

Drivers found to be using their cell phones while driving may also be on the hook for an additional surcharge of either $88 or $93, depending upon where the violation occurred. Moreover, drivers who accumulate six or more points on their license within 18 months, or one additional point in addition to the cell phone ticket, will need to pay a Driver Responsibility Assessment fee. This amounts to $300 plus $75 for each additional point beyond six and is payable to the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) irrespective of court fines and other surcharges.

Beyond the fines, a cell phone ticket can be a costly mistake where insurance rates are concerned. Auto insurance providers routinely review their policyholder’s driving records, and points on your license or a distracted driving ticket can hike up your rates, which will continue to grow if any subsequent offenses take place. One study in particular showed that even a single cell phone ticket could cost you a 20% increase in insurance premiums. In short, cell phone tickets quickly add up.

AutoTrafficTickets.com: Helping New Yorkers Challenge Traffic Tickets

Given the severe consequences of a cell phone ticket, seeking legal representation isn’t only advisable – it’s how you can protect your wallet, rights, and driving privileges. Having an experienced New York cell phone ticket attorney guiding you through the process, fighting aggressively to reduce or dismiss the ticket, gives you the best shot at a favorable outcome.

At AutoTrafficTickets.com, our skilled and seasoned legal team specializes in effectively navigating the nuances of traffic violations, relentlessly defending the rights of our clients every step of the way. Let us help you reach the best possible outcome. Contact us, call us at 855-FIX-TIXX (855-349-8499), or text us at 516-414-4300 to set up a free and confidential consultation today!

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