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What to Know About “Fix-It Tickets” in New York

A broken windshield

It’s extremely important to stay up-to-date on your vehicle’s maintenance and to have it serviced whenever needed. However, sometimes people use their vehicle to get somewhere or drive with it despite an unsafe feature. When this occurs, a law enforcement officer may give you a correctable violation, which is commonly referred to as a “fix-it ticket.” 

A fix-it ticket is what it sounds like. It means that your vehicle has an issue that renders it unsafe to be driving on the road. Luckily, fix-it tickets don’t come with any fines or penalties as long as you fix whatever the issue is within a specified period of time. Once you have the issue resolved, you must have your local police department sign off on the ticket to document that the issue was reversed by the listed deadline. Be sure to read the specific instructions on your ticket. 

Reasons for Fix-It Tickets

Fix-it tickets may be issued for a variety of problems, such as:

  • Cracked windshields
  • Mechanical problems
  • Missing or obscured license plates
  • Non-functioning taillights
  • Broken signal lights
  • Illegal accessories on your vehicle

Fix-it tickets are issued in order to prevent the risk of injury to both the driver and others on the road. These tickets are not criminal violations, but rather a type of non-moving violation, and are generally dismissed once proof that the issue has been remedied can be shown and signed off on. 

What if You Miss the Deadline?

It’s very important that you respect the deadline listed on your ticket in order to avoid fines and even points on your driver’s license. On the bottom of your ticket, there will be a court date listed. This is the same date as your deadline. The deadline is generally set depending upon what is a reasonable amount of time to fix the problem. Therefore, you’ll likely be given more time to fix a cracked rear bumper than you would obtain a missing license plate. 

What if You Have an Accident Before the Deadline?

If the cause of your accident was at all related to the issue associated with your fix-it ticket, it’s likely that your insurance company will assign at least part of the blame to you. When this occurs, you may be faced with higher monthly premiums. In general, you will be more likely to be found at least in part at fault if you have something wrong with your vehicle that has not been fixed.

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