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What to Know About a School Bus Ticket in New York

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Children are one of our most precious yet vulnerable groups. That’s why there are so many laws in place to protect them. One such law includes stopping for a school bus that is stopped. This is so important as it protects children who are either getting on or off the bus from being struck by a vehicle and seriously injured or even killed. Here’s what to know about receiving a school bus ticket in New York.

When Must You Stop for a School Bus?

A driver is required to stop for a school bus driving in either direction when:

  1. The school bus is stopped on a public highway, street, or private road; and
    2. Engaged in picking up or dropping off passengers for transporting to/from
          a. camp or camp activities
          b. religious services or instruction
          c. child care for children of migrant farmworkers or food processing laborers
          d. students to/from school or school activities
          e. disabled persons when used by a not-for-profit agency licensed by NYS or any state facility.

You will know that a school bus is stopping because it is required to flash its lights and extend its stop signage. Additionally, it should be noted that the color of the school bus should be yellow. 

Are There Any Exceptions to the Law?

There is an exception to this law concerning school buses. Even if all of the above is true, a driver may drive past a stopped school bus if either the school bus driver or a police officer signals that they should pass the bus. However, this is the only exception. 

What Are the Consequences for Passing a Stopped School Bus?

Passing a stopped school bus is a serious offense considering it places children at risk of great harm. As such it carries five points on your license. If a driver accumulates 11 points within 18 months, his or her license will be suspended. Additionally, any points can trigger a new assessment of you and can result in an increase in your car insurance premium, which can last for a number of years – costing you far more. 

If you are convicted of passing a stopped school pas, you could receive a fine of up to $450 depending upon the circumstances and any prior offenses. You may also face a surcharge of up to $93.

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