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Top 6 Reasons to Hire a Traffic Ticket Attorney


It’s normal to be really annoyed when you receive a traffic ticket. You may feel as though you have done nothing wrong and are set to fight it on your own. However, before you decide to self-represent and fight your traffic ticket, think about why hiring a knowledgeable and experienced New York traffic ticket attorney is in your best interest. 

1. You don’t have a thorough knowledge of traffic laws and court rules.

In order to properly represent yourself in court, you must respect court procedure and understand existing regulations. If you aren’t extremely versed in these matters and you make an error, there is no one to help you. 

2. You may accidentally incriminate yourself.

Unfortunately for you, prosecutors understand how to ask questions in such a way as to get the answers that they are looking for. Therefore, if you don’t have a lawyer in your corner, it’s not unusual that you may fall for these tactics and make statements that incriminate yourself and/or hurt your case. 

3. You don’t have the same experience with courtroom procedures.

Regardless of how much you look over courtroom procedures in preparation for self-representing your case, you’ll never understand as much as an attorney does. After all, they spend three years in law school before studying for the bar exam. The prosecutor has in-depth knowledge of everything from arguing motions to objecting the admission of evidence. In other words, by comparison: you don’t stand a chance. 

4. There may be a bias against those who self-represent.

Although bias is not allowed within the legal system, the fact of the matter is that as human beings we are all guilty of some types of bias. Therefore, if you choose to self-represent, the judge, jury, and prosecutor may look at you representing yourself as being careless, which will obviously work against you. 

5. You’ll be on your own.

Whether it’s filling out forms, making an argument, or objecting to something, you are fully on your own. No one – not even court clerks – will help to guide you on anything. In fact, they are actually prohibited from doing so. The only thing you’ll receive an explanation on is the legal rights of which you are afforded. 

6. You’re likelier to be convicted.

For the above reasons and many more, it’s likelier that those who self-represent are at a much higher risk of being convicted. These are just some of the many ways in which you would greatly benefit from hiring a qualified New York traffic ticket attorney, who will fight for you. 

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