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Am I Allowed to Text at a Red Light?

Texting at a light is allowed in the state of New Jersey.

Today, it seems that there is not a moment to spare when it comes to staying up-to-date on our phones. Whether we are checking our email, texting friends, or even looking something up on Google, texting and driving is often a cause of severe accidents. In the state of New York, this culture of constantly going, going, and going is often felt more intensely.  That’s why it’s not surprising that many people engage in the extremely dangerous and illegal act of texting while driving. But what about while at a red light – is it illegal to text then?

Texting at a Red Light: A Legal Loophole

New Yorkers have been inundated with signs and ads intended to reduce the occurrence of phone-related accidents. Under New York law, technically operating your phone at a red light is a hole in the state’s texting regulations. The state regulations explicitly state that a vehicle must be in motion in order for cell phone use to constitute a violation. When an individual texts while driving (and the car is in motion), you can face fines ranging from $50 to $450, depending on prior incidents and points on your driving record. However, when you are completely stopped at a red light, your car is not in motion. Therefore, a lawyer may argue that you did nothing illegal.

Pleading Not Guilty to Fight a Traffic Ticket

If you have been issued a ticket for texting while behind the wheel, you must fight the ticket and plead not guilty in order to avoid the consequences. With high fines and an accumulation of points, which can add up rather quickly, you can even run the risk of having your license suspended.  Such a ticket can have a very serious impact on many aspects of your life. 

Though explicit laws are making their way through the courts, there is currently an ambiguous view of the legality of texting while stopped at a red light. The law on that issue remains unclear. Therefore, despite being stopped and having something important to send, there is ample opportunity for you to be pulled over and ticketed even though there is nothing in place making it illegal. Should you be issued this ticket, you must fight back in order to beat it and avoid the related consequences. 

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