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Non-Moving and Non-Driving Violations that Can Lead to a Suspended License in NY

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Many people are aware of the potential to have their license suspended when they receive too many driving violations in a period of time. However, what they often don’t know is that you can also suffer a suspended license for non-moving and non-driving violations. Here are such violations that can lead to a suspended license in New York. 

Failing to File an Accident Report

The first non-moving and non-driving violation that can lead to a suspended license is the failure to file an accident report. If you are not a police officer, corrections officer, or fireman, you must report any involvement in an accident in the state of New York to the Commissioner of the Department of Motor Vehicles within 10 days if:

  • Someone is killed;
  • Someone is injured; or
  • There is property damage in excess of $1,000

Failing to Pay Child Support

    Another potential cause for license suspension is the failure to pay child support. If a non-custodial parent fails to pay their child support for four months, they will be notified of the possibility of losing their license. They then must respond within 45 days. Payment of child support constitutes a response as does a valid explanation for why such payments have not been made. If, after 45 days, they have still yet to respond, it will result in a license suspension. However, it should be noted that those without enough income to support themselves, or those receiving social security income (SSI) or public assistance can’t receive a license suspension. 

    Failing to Respond to or to Pay a NY Traffic Ticket

    Someone who fails to respond to a New York traffic ticket or who fails to pay it can lose their license for a period of time. It’s important that you pay your ticket right away after receiving it and that you respond as soon as possible. Avoiding your ticket will not change the fact that it exists. 

    Not Showing Up for a Court Appearance

    Under state law, if someone has a court hearing but fails to appear, he or she can have their driver’s license, driver’s registration, or driving privileges taken away for a period of time. This is not to mention the fact that a failure to appear at a hearing will be considered as an admission of guilt and you will not only face a potential license suspension but also the loss of the cost of the ticket. 

    Having a Medical Condition that Impacts Your Ability to Drive

    If you suffer from a medical condition that has an impact on your driving abilities, the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) can suspend your license. Such medical conditions would be those that cause someone to fall asleep or pass out behind the wheel, such as narcolepsy and epilepsy among others. You will receive a letter about six months after your prior medical episode while driving. If your doctor performs a complete examination on or after the date of reinstatement listed in your letter, you may be able to receive your license back again. 

    If you disagree with the ruling that you have a medical condition that impairs your ability to drive, you have options to request a hearing but must notify the Medical Review Unit in writing within 30 days of the incident. A hearing will then be set for 30 days after your request is received in writing. You must, however, be in person on the date and time of the hearing. Additionally, you must provide a list of witnesses to appear on behalf of you.

    Failing to Comply with any Other Court Judgement

    In addition to the aforementioned reasons for receiving a license suspension, if you fail to comply with any other court judgements you can also face a license suspension. It is always considered a crime to drive on a suspended license. But it should be noted that reinstatement of your license could rest on something simple, such as paying a fine. It all depends upon the specific facts and circumstances of each case. That’s why a qualified New York ticket attorney can help. 

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