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Highly recommend Mark for all your legal needs.

"Mark is a competent attorney with a client first focus. Mark makes you feel comfortable and keeps you well informed throughout the entire legal process. You will never walk away with the feeling; there should have been more done, Mark exhausts all possibilities. I would highly recommend Mark for all your legal needs."

Very honest and helpful!

"I had a 6 point speeding violation which I had also failed to respond to. I have never hired an attorney before but Mr. Montanaro made the process extremely easy & stress free. He answered all the questions & concerns I had within a few hours of our initial conversation. Less than a week later he was able to take it from a speeding ticket to a parking violation with no points. I am beyond pleased and would advise anyone who is in need of legal assistance to contact Mr. Montanaro."

Very helpful and speedy

"The Montanaro Law team is really helpful and has provided great legal advice. I will continue to use this team for all legal needs! Very knowledgeable and professional."

Highly recommended

"Montanaro Law was instrumental in helping me navigate the complex waters of purchasing an ongoing business. He was extremely responsive, thoughtful in all approaches, making recommendations where I needed their professional insight; even the business loan bankers were highly complimentary of the quality and quantity of work performed. I would highly recommend Montanaro Law to anyone even considering the purchase of a business."

Very helpful and honest

"Mark was very helpful and honest in answering all my questions concerning the Nassau County School Zone cameras and tickets. He was honest and knowledgable in helping me out in deciding if its worth disputing or paying the tickets."

Made my life easier

"I contacted Mark when I received a ticket for a traffic violation. He went to court for me and was able to reduce the ticket to a $200 parking ticket. I really didn't have to do anything except trust him. He kept me updated via text during the actual court date. Communication is key, and Mark will do that with you."

Montanaro Law A+ service

"Very happy with the results and service Montanaro Law was able to provide for me. Wouldn't call anyone else!"

Reliable and responsive

"Mark helped me when I was in a quick bind. I contacted him 3 days prior to a traffic violation hearing and he took on my case immediately, knew exactly which paperwork needed to be completed, appeared for the hearing, plead my case, and obtained the best result possible."

Takes stress out of stressful situations

"I had a very stressful and disappointing run-in with an extremely unprofessional police officer. The type who is an embarrassment to all good police officers everywhere. Basically, little more than a bully with a badge. I was treated like a felon over a minor and totally accidental offense. I was quite furious. Mark's professionalism helped calm me down and got the charge reduced down to the very minor violation it deserved."

Reliable & through

"Mark Montanaro assisted me with a very complex legal situation. His advice was sound, his work was great, and most importantly...he cut to the chase! Something I think all lawyers need to do."

Great learning opportunity and extremely professional

"Mark is exceptional at what he does. He meets with you and listens to your concerns regarding your terms for dealing with business and clients. Then he prepares a detail draft terms and conditions for you that not only covers your initial concerns, but protects for things you didn't even know you needed protection from. Great learning opportunity and extremely professional. I highly recommend this attorney for all matters with writing and updating your business contracts!"

Best lawyer EVER!

"I've had the privilege of working with Mark in multiple fields of law. I like to say he is a "Jack of all trades!" He is very professional and well informed, answering any questions that I send his way. I look forward to using Mark in the future and would recommend him to any of my colleagues."

Very professional

"I was referred to Mark by a friend and he did not disappoint. Mark was very professional and quick to answer any phone call or email. He was able to lay everything out so I was able to understand my options and instructed me step by step."

Great guy

"Mark was very professional, smart and down to earth. He handled everything fast, efficiently and explained everything. The only person I use and recommend would be Mark Montanaro for any law practice. He has great pricing too."

Great attorney

"I have had the occasion to have Mark Montanaro assist me several times with traffic violations. Although I am not proud of this, I drive a great deal usually breaking the speed limit. I have received severe tickets for excessive speed in the past. Most recently, Michael was able to have a 6 point ticket reduced to a parking violation. I highly recommend Mark for his very competent help resolving these matters and preserving my driver license and maintaining favorable insurance premiums."

Excellent attorney

"Mark helped us with an old speeding ticket and had the case dismissed. Would highly recommend him to anyone looking for help with a traffic ticket or problem."

Mark was a pleasure to work with!

"I hired Mark to deal with a specific violation. Mark was honest, detailed and very thorough in communicating the entire process. Moreover, he achieved better results than I expected. Lastly, Mark was extremely reachable throughout the process making him a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend!"

The best of the best!

"Mark Montanaro & his staff are an amazing team! They are honest, responsible & most of all dependable. I'm in the construction industry and tickets and violations have become a cost of doing business. I know when I give these items to Mark, that they will be handled in a professional & timely manner. Best of all he fights with your best interests in mind - getting you the best outcome possible in any given situation. Throughout my 12 years in the industry I've used many firms, Mark's dedication has now made him my one & only lawyer!"

True gentleman and excellent attorney

"Mark has helped me with many situations regarding my business and has gone out of his way with advice on personal issues. He has gone above and beyond - not only for myself but also for friends whom I've referred. Five stars all the way."

Top-notch lawyer!

"I recently hired Mr. Montanaro to handle the closing of my co-op and I'm sure glad I did! Not only is he extremely knowledgeable and professional, but he really went above and beyond in helping me through each step of the process. He took the time to explain everything to me and was able to answer whatever questions I had in great detail. It became evident early on that he truly was looking out for my best interests at all times."

Great job!

"Very professionally handled with a positive outcome!"

Mark Montanaro: super lawyer

"I hired Mark this past April to handle a traffic violation, in which I felt were due to an overzealousness very young and inexperienced issuing officer deputy sheriff, interestingly enough not a state trooper, county police officer, or highway patrolman, but a sheriff's deputy who normally serves subpoenas. When I called, Mark himself answered the phone and discussed my case, before even mentioning a fee, and was honest and upfront. Mark was one of those super lawyers commuting into the city and wanted a change to be near his home and started his own firm. We on Long Island are lucky Mark hung up his own shingle and started practicing locally. The best part of Mark's firm, is he handles all types of cases, not just traffic. We plan on consulting/hiring Mark for a civil matter. If your involved in anything, your first call should be for medical/police/emergency services but your second should be to Montanaro Law."

Mark did an excellent job handling my case

"Mark did an excellent job handling my case. I received a serious speeding ticket in the town of Southhampton going 40+ over which carried huge fines, suspension of my license, and 11 points on my driving record. I was extremely stressed. However, Mark reassured me he will get the job done and told me all of the possible outcomes. Met with him at his office, and from there on the weight was lifted from my shoulders. Mark managed to plea my speeding ticket down to a simple parking violation which carried a minimal fine. I didn't have to make any appearances or drive an hour out of my way to the Southhampton Town Court."

A superb job

"Mark did a phenomenal job with my case of two traffic summons. He fought on my behalf and won my case successfully. Mark was able to stop the suspension of my license and reduced my fine/fees significantly. Thanks Mark, you have done a superb job."

Delivered as promised

"Mr. Montanaro was successful in having my tickets reduced from a potential two point violation to zero points. A job well done."

Mark is excellent with taking care of traffic violations/offenses

"I had 2 tickets: i. for an improper U-turn and ii. for not changing my address after having moved. Mark was able to convert these to parking violations. He had told me from the beginning what the likely outcome would be and that is what I got. You may not always get the desired outcome, perhaps due to your driving history, previous accumulated points and other subjective biases that could transpire with the prosecutor. Regardless, it is still better to fight any ticket you get in New York, even if it's just 1 point. An improper U-turn is worse than a parking violation in the eyes of auto insurance firms that pull up your records. Also, any point not assessed on your driving records, moves you further away from getting your license suspended at 11 points or being made to do a driver responsibility assessment (which by the way is another $300 plus administrative surcharges) at 6 points. It's always a win-win to use a lawyer that is affordable (don't worry about saving that attorneys fee! In the long term, you are better off using a lawyer). I highly recommend Mark Montanaro. Use him. He communicates well, does not ignore your phone calls or get irritated and is good with this."

Great work

"I worked with Mark and team to assist in handling a ridiculous amount of summons we received in one shot. He was able to reduce a 9 point summons to 2 points. He really did a great job. Highly recommended."

Very satisfied with Mark's service

"Mark truly cares about his client and the result he brings proves his ability as a lawyer. The result was better than expected. His assistant, Madelyne, is the one who makes the clients feel comfortable with their cases."

Great guy, great result

"I don't know how he did it, but Mark succeeded in having my six-point speeding violation reduced to a zero-point Jay Walking infraction. He handled everything for me and eliminated a very stressful problem I was facing."

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