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Mark Montanaro: super lawyer

“I hired Mark this past April to handle a traffic violation, in which I felt were due to an overzealousness very young and inexperienced issuing officer deputy sheriff, interestingly enough not a state trooper, county police officer, or highway patrolman, but a sheriff’s deputy who normally serves subpoenas. When I called, Mark himself answered the phone and discussed my case, before even mentioning a fee, and was honest and upfront. Mark was one of those super lawyers commuting into the city and wanted a change to be near his home and started his own firm. We on Long Island are lucky Mark hung up his own shingle and started practicing locally. The best part of Mark’s firm, is he handles all types of cases, not just traffic. We plan on consulting/hiring Mark for a civil matter. If your involved in anything, your first call should be for medical/police/emergency services but your second should be to Montanaro Law.”