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Mark is excellent with taking care of traffic violations/offenses

“I had 2 tickets: i. for an improper U-turn and ii. for not changing my address after having moved. Mark was able to convert these to parking violations. He had told me from the beginning what the likely outcome would be and that is what I got. You may not always get the desired outcome, perhaps due to your driving history, previous accumulated points and other subjective biases that could transpire with the prosecutor. Regardless, it is still better to fight any ticket you get in New York, even if it’s just 1 point. An improper U-turn is worse than a parking violation in the eyes of auto insurance firms that pull up your records. Also, any point not assessed on your driving records, moves you further away from getting your license suspended at 11 points or being made to do a driver responsibility assessment (which by the way is another $300 plus administrative surcharges) at 6 points. It’s always a win-win to use a lawyer that is affordable (don’t worry about saving that attorneys fee! In the long term, you are better off using a lawyer). I highly recommend Mark Montanaro. Use him. He communicates well, does not ignore your phone calls or get irritated and is good with this.”